Saturday, June 26, 2010

We are never forsaken.

God is never changing.
Can we never forget this? Can we PRAY that this rings true throughout our lives.
Cameron, God never changed on me. God is steadfast.
Just because I dont feel God being close to me doesnt mean I am any less his child.
God is there. He is here. Forever and always.
God is growing my faith. He is all that I care to desire. Is He all that I desire? sadly no.
But I want Him to be all that I want.
God is our father. We should admire Him like such.
Our father, The King of ALL Kings, Lord of ALL Lord. I AM that I AM. He Is.
We can only understand our father in human terms.

We cannot let emotion dictate the status of our relationship with God. "feeling" close to Him or not "feeling" close to Him does not determine how God looks at us. He is constant and His steadfast love is ever present. He does not forsake. God is with us.



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